Wednesday, September 5, 2007


The “Chips” name is originally taken from the California Highway patrol or CHP, is one the best cop show in the 70's that is a combination of action and comedy, the show was created by Rick Rosner, he was also the executive producer, director, and story writer of the remake "CHiPs" '99.

The setting of the show starts on the California highway, where two main characters are involved, Erik Estrada as the macho Officer Francis “Ponch” Poncherello and Larry Wilcox as the strait-laced Officer Jon Baker. The action-comedy episodes start with a humorous scene followed by a criminal investigation by two officer, many formula they've used in the show to perform different entertainment like having the two being single,opening the lighter and social life of the two, and followed by the motor chasing scene,hijackings and tragic incidents, by the end of the day they are heroes.

Going behind the scene, Jon and Ponch never drew their weapons during the show, Ponch suffered on a motorcycle accident during the show, some of the scene of Ponch on a hospital was acutally shot on his hospital bed during his accident. The show used literally sweat and blood to be the best , in filming a show you'll never know what will happen next, in October of 1981 two real-life California Highway Patrolmen were injured while in the line of duty, the cast of the show took time to donate blood for the two injured officers.

But all beginnings have an ending,the reasons why the show must end because the ratings are getting low, in the last season the show drop ratings and after that ponch was suddnly replaced on the fifth season because of a contract dispute. All in all Chips dvd made a 6 seasons from September 15, 1977 up to July 17, 1983 and made 139 episodes, many watch the chips tv episodes on dvd as they've released. Though it has ended it made a mark on our television set , having us laugh , feel the rush of excitement of the two great officer of the Los Angeles Highway Patrol Department.